The Ultimate Guide to Fixing a Failed Facebook Campaign



Running Facebook ads can be confusing and frustrating. Statistically, only a small few of campaigns actually succeed to generate a positive ROI. So don’t feel bad if one of yours flops!

Now – nobody likes failing, but it’s simply part of the process when it comes to Facebook Ads. You just NEVER know what will actually work, and the true magic comes from the little tweaks and tests used to create a winning campaign. You cannot throw away a campaign just because it doesn’t perform right away!

Succeeding on Facebook requires constant testing to figure out which part of the campaign is actually failing. We’ll show you our four-step formula for fixing our campaigns at Mastered Marketing, so the next time you are face palming you’ll know just what to look for!


1. The Offer

The success of your campaign hinges on your offer, and this should be the first thing you check. An ‘offer’ can be a variety of things such as a discount, a free guide, free trials, content videos, blog articles etc. The style or format of your offer isn’t what we’re talking about here.

The real question is… do people actually want what you’re offering?

You need to know your audience’s wants, needs and desires, and then give them what they want the most. Having a 10% off coupon does NOT count. Who wants that? It should be something that they would be crazy to ignore. Are you offering something so good that it makes people want to stop scrolling and leave Facebook to get it?

If your answer is no, you’ve already found your problem. This is the most common issue people face – they just aren’t offering something people want.

ACTION PLAN: Upgrade your offer!


2. The Targeting

If your offer is great and you’re still having no luck, the next thing to check is targeting.

It doesn’t matter if you have the most epic ad or marketing message in the world – if you put your offer in front of the wrong people, it will fail. Particularly if you’re offering something to a specific niche. Target the wrong niche and you’re throwing money out the window!

The most common targeting mistake is going too broad. People do this to ‘avoid missing out’ on potential customers, but it’s a big no-no.

When your offer makes a specific solution promise to solve a specific problem to a specific person, it will resonate very highly with that audience. Don’t think that just because you made it, people will come. You need to have an audience ize that is big enough to scale, but niche enough to really resonate with your market.

ACTION PLAN: Get into the shoes of your target customer and really understand who they are, where they are, and what they want.


3. The Ad Copy & Creative

You can have an awesome offer in front of the right people and still fail if you aren’t catching their attention and giving them a reason to click. Use your creative to really strike a nerve with your audience. Call out their problems to hit a pain point, and then position your offer as the solution.

Now whilst every ad is different, the template below can help with your copy

Are you ready to [insert the outcome you create]? Inside this FREE [checklist, guide, bait type] I’ll show you [exactly how to, my step-by-step process, etc] for [what your bait does] so that you can [insert main benefit of your product to address pain / desire].

Once this is in place you want to pick an awesome image that is engaging, catches people’s attention, and is a visual representation of the copy.

ACTION: Make an awesome ad that calls out the customer and their problems, and makes them want to click!


4. The Landing Page

Your landing page not only needs to look great, it needs to have a ‘message match’ with your ad. You don’t want your ad to look totally different from the page. Imagine clicking an ad for something, but then you end up somewhere different… that process should be seamless. Lack of a ‘message match’ is a common problem with advertising campaigns.

Let’s say you’ve nailed the offer, the targeting, the copy and creative… but once they click, you’re sending them somewhere that just doesn’t match. You’ll basically lose them as soon as you won them over.

.  .  .


If you assess all four of these areas, you will have a much higher chance of bringing your campaign to life! Remember that success in Facebook Ads is all about testing, tweaking and finding that winning formula. It’s not always easy – but once you find it, you can have a wildly profitable campaign! If you’d like to discuss a Facebook campaign for your business, feel free to reach out here. Happy advertising!


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