6 Free Social Media Tips for Restaurant Owners


Marketing is all about attention, and social media is where it's at right now! EVERY business should have a social strategy to leverage this amazing opportunity they have to reach their customers in creative ways for such low cost. In this article I'm going to give some practical examples of how restaurant owners can make the most of it!

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1. Have account consistency. 

After you've set up your accounts, you need to make sure that they are all consistent with the same, up to date information. Your profile picture, bio, website, address and other information should all be the same. Whilst they may be separate platforms, they all come under one umbrella which is your brand, so make sure they look sharp! 

2. Make the most of your artwork space.

Most restaurants and businesses in general don't go to the effort of creating cover photos or artwork for their pages. Once upon a time it may have been difficult, although with sites like Canva, it's now easier than ever. You can create a beautiful cover photo in a matter of minutes, that makes your page look that much more professional and really makes it pop. This is also extremely beneficial if you're having some sort of promotion, special or event that you want to promote every time someone lands on your page. If you'd like us to take care of your design needs, shoot us a message

3. Tell stories on Facebook.

We all know what Facebook is and what it does. It is the big daddy of social media that almost every business is on, if you didn't already have a Facebook page I would be very surprised. Without writing 1000 words on it, Facebook is quite open ended in the sense that you can post a large variety of things like what you're up to, any blog articles or content you've created, photos, testimonials and more. What's important to mention is that you need to tell stories, and what you shouldn't do is shamelessly blow your own trumpet (like the majority of businesses do every single day). If your posts are good, they will be popular amongst your fans. Facebook measures how popular your posts are by the likes, comments and shares, so if you get a decent amount of them, your post will show up to more people because they clearly like it. You get that from adding value and telling storiesNOT by bragging to no end! Promote your business of course, but balance it with valuable posts. There should be three jabs (pieces of valuable content) for every right hook (product promotion or sales post). Share photos of your food, specials you're offering, selfies of your staff, new dishes you're making - whatever your fans love!

4. Post amazing food photos on Instagram. 

Instagram is a community built on the power of visual storytelling, so post amazing pictures! In my opinion, Instagram is the easiest platform to grow if you do it right. A picture paints a thousands words, and for businesses that go to the effort of taking professional photos and posting them strategically, they reap the rewards! Look at accounts like Doughnut Time, Chester Street and Demazzi's. Their dishes are so 'Instagrammable' that you can't help but tag your friends in it. Even if you aren't ordering it you still want to take a photo and share it. That's exactly what you want!

Also, Instagram allows you to share your photos directly to your Facebook page as well. You should post every Instagram photo to Facebook to keep your page up to date and full of relevant content. To do this, simply press the gear / settings icon from your account and go Settings > Linked Accounts > Facebook > Share to [your Facebook page].

One quick note - you should be using hashtags to get discovered but post them in the comments. If you smash every caption with bulk hashtags you'll look annoying and desperate. Research the top, most relevant tags and comment on your own photo with them after you've posted the photo.

5. Film behind the scenes videos on Snapchat or Instagram stories.

The casualness and humorous nature of Snapchat has taken the world by storm. Customers and audiences around the world are loving the short-and-sweet style of content that these sorts of platforms use. Restaurants can really leverage this by showing behind the scenes content, funny videos with the staff, showing how a dish is made, preview new menu items and even contest giveaways. Snapchat is a seriously popular platform that you should definitely be using it (check out The Small Business Owner's Guide to Snapchat). That being said, Instagram has also recently released a similar feature with Instagram Stories. This allows you to get the best of both worlds, posting your high quality, beautiful imagery on your profile, and then still creating off-the-cuff snippets for your fans. Read Instagram Introduces "Snapchatty" Stories Feature for more information.

6. Talk to customers on Twitter.

Twitter isn't nearly as popular in Australia as it is in America and other parts of the world, but it is still one of the absolute best platforms for talking to your customers and engaging in conversation. Twitter allows you discover targeted people and chat with them in a non-invasive way. Whilst there aren't as many Australian users in comparison to other platforms, they are usually quite responsive. If you Tweet at someone, it's quite likely you can get a response, and you can build a micro-relationship that results in more customers for your business. Try it out! 

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With these tips you'll be able to begin created a solid social media strategy! For more help on social media and marketing strategies or you're after a fresh new website, contact us for a free consult to grow your business!

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