Kickass Ways to Use Social Media for Real Estate

social media for real estate

Marketing is all about attention, and social media is where it's at with 1 in 4 people IN THE WORLD using it! EVERY agent should have a social strategy to leverage the amazing opportunities they have to reach their clients in creative ways for such low cost. In this article I'm going to give some practical examples of how real estate agents can make the most of it!

Go behind the scenes on Snapchat.

Even though Instagram released their 'stories' feature, Snapchat continues to grow and you should definitely be on it. The casual snippet in-the-moment style content has become enormously popular in recent times, and you can leverage this for real estate.  Here's what you can do:

  • Show people a tour of your open homes with a mixture of photo and video. Use bright and funny graphics, keep it short and sweet, and BE INTERESTING! 10 seconds might not seem like much - but it's an eternity when the person filming is painfully boring.
  • Share videos of you out and about. This can be anything from commuting to work, to fist pumping about a new listing to a selfie with client. You can even do funny photos and graphics, the most important thing is that you are being ACTIVE and INTERESTING.
  • Snapchat allows you to upload pictures from your camera roll. You can upload snaps of your latest listings with information on how people can contact you on top of the photo. Just remember to keep it short and sweet - I wouldn't post any photos for longer than 5 seconds.


Tell Stories on Facebook.

You can post almost every style of content on Facebook (articles, videos, pictures, statuses etc) because it's such an open ended platform, but one of the best things you can do is tell stories. What you shouldn't do is shamelessly blow your own trumpet (like the majority of people and businesses do every single day). You want to add value to your audience, and you can do that by sharing things that they like. And what people like - is stories! Yes, you'll obviously put up some promotional posts, but if you want high engagement and a better response, tell stories. This can be:

  • Success stories or case studies about your clients. Where they were, how you helped and where they are now (this is a very effective technique.
  • A common problem you see lots of people regularly making, and how to fix it or avoid it. Rather than just explaining it in simple terms (you can save that for a 'how-to' blog article), use another story of a person who made this mistake, and either how you helped them solve it, or your general advice for overcoming it.
  • A funny story about a client or an interesting situation you had at work.

You can also use Facebook to share your latest listings, post your most recent blog articles and give little snippets of advice. There's a lot more freedom on Facebook, but REMEMBER - whatever you post, make sure that it ADDS VALUE!

If your posts are good, they will be popular amongst your fans. Facebook measures how popular your posts are by the likes, comments and shares, so if you get a decent amount of them, your post will show up to more people because they clearly like it. You get that from adding value and telling storiesNOT by bragging! Promote your business of course, but balance it with valuable posts. There should be three jabs (pieces of valuable content) for every right hook (product promotion or sales post). 


Create art on Instagram.

Instagram is a terrific platform for humanising your brand. You can still use your personal profile and mix it up, posting both real estate related posts and personal photos. Keep in mind that if you’re using your personal one as your account that it can be fun, but you want to make sure it’s still professional and in line with your brand that you have defined (learn more about defining and growing your personal brand here). Things you can post:

  • Pictures of amazing property (#propertyporn)
  • Pictures of your listings.
  • Pictures of you with clients. Selfies make you look fun and approachable.
  • Photos of you out and about, doing fun stuff.
  • Inspirational, motivational and 'free-tip' style quotes.


Teach people on YouTube.

If you want to step up your game, starting putting out videos. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, and can be a great way for you to not only add value, but get discovered. Make videos that answer the most common questions your clients or general market asks. They will often search this, and if you can get found, that works! If you don’t have the time to make regular videos, it’s great to put out little casual snippets with bits of advice and post it on Facebook or Instagram.


Step up your game with an entire branding package.

If you REALLY want to step up your game, get more clients and stand out from the sea of competition, take it to the next level and check out Social Media for Real Estate program. We currently live in the technology and information economy. If done correctly, you can quickly create a personal brand and establish expert status in a time that used to take years. If you want to advance your career and set yourself up for success, click below...

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With these social media tips you can grow your brand and harness the power of technology to get more clients! Put out regular content, practice every day and keep adding value. Happy posting!