Hamish & Andy “Real Estate Flyers & Brochures Are Junk Mail”


I can’t get enough of Hamish and Andy – I’m a huge fan. I became an even bigger fan when they were talking about real estate agents on their show last week, and they hit the nail on the head with something I am a big believer in.

First of all, I want to preface this by saying I respect real estate agents and their hustle. They work bloody hard. Sometimes they’re just working too hard in the wrong places! It’s 2016 and 2017 now, it’s time to market in the age that we live in!


Here’s what Hamish & Andy had to say…

“Your flyers and your brochures are junk mail. You’re not above the no junk mail sign! You are selling something like dominos sells a pizza.” says Andy.

“For some reason, real estate agents think that they’re not selling something. So I’m here to tell you, you ARE junk mail, respect the no junk mail sign!”

A real estate agent then called up to defend the industry…

“It is okay to put it in a letterbox if it’s from me. What I believe is that the letters in the junk mail aren’t junk mail, it’s just information,” says Daniel.

“Yeah but you don’t know the person – it’s not personal mail! I mean Clarke’s Rubber might be giving me information about a terrific mid-year rubber sale! It’s still junk!” replies Hamish with a laugh.

After that, a fired up caller had a go at the agent about the flyers too!

“That real estate agent and my local MP think they’re so important that they have to let everyone know what’s going on in their life!”


Want to know WHY it’s considered junk?

As you can see – the majority of people aren’t about those flyers! And there’s a good reason why.  IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU, AND IT’S NOT ADDING ANY VALUE. I don’t blame real estate agents for doing it, it’s what the industry has done for decades. Maybe it’s what they’re taught, maybe it’s what they think works – I don’t know, I’m a marketer not a property expert. But what I do know, is that this isn’t the best way to make impressions.

I am ALL about personal branding – although it has to be done right. Personal branding does not mean ‘look at me, look at me, look at me’ it means  BUILDING TRUST and AWARENESS through ADDING VALUE. You add that value through content that ANSWERS THE QUESTIONS that your target customer wants to know!


People don’t care about you, they care about themselves. Help them solve their problems and you WILL get business!


If I’m selling a house I don’t care about your listings or your testimonials. I care about things like how to sell my property in 3 months or less for above market value. I care about things like how to increase my property value by $50,000 for a $10,000 investment. If you can help me with THOSE things, not only will I actually listen to what you have to say because it’s HELPING me, I’ll then perceive you as an expert who knows what they’re doing, and now the chances of me working with you have skyrocketed.

And not only that – if you’re adding value and creating content, not only have your chances of getting clients gone up, clients actually WANT to work with you! If someone is selling their house there are 10 agents screaming ‘PICK ME!’. But you’re all the same – so if by some luck you manage to get chosen, now you’re the one they ‘wound up with’ and NOT the one the WANT to work with!

Not only that, with social media you can reach MORE targeted people with content they actually WANT for LESS money and you don’t even have to leave the house! It’s a NO BRAINER! It’s worth saying that you can still do letterbox drops, but add some sort of value!


Well if it’s ‘so easy’ why doesn’t everyone do it?

Now… I know I’m making it sound easy and simple, and obviously, the reality is that it’s not. Social media and technology might be amazing, but it’s difficult to know which way to go and how to use it. That’s exactly why I set up the Rapid Personal Brand Establishment Program to help real estate agents MASSIVELY grow their reach, get more clients, stand out from 95% of the competition and and market in the age that we live in.

Everyone has a brand, but most people don’t leverage it. In this noisy world, if you aren’t growing your brand, you are INVISIBLE. This program RAPIDLY establishes your professional identity and online profile with a series of strategic modules completely focused on positioning you as an expert, standing out from competition, getting you more clients and becoming a recognised leader in your industry.

.  .  .

Sound like fun? I’m offering a FREE strategy session and coaching call with anybody who’s serious about their real estate game. If you don’t actually want to succeed – don’t claim a session. I only work with people who are committed. If that’s you, then CLICK HERE to book it in. See you on the other side!


Mitch Hills