5 Fast Ways Real Estate Agents Can Build Their Brand to Get More Clients

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We now live in a highly connected world, and having a strong personal brand is now more important and more effective than ever. Real estate agents represent their own independent business, and you can now leverage social media and online tools to massively grow your brand and get more clients! Here's how:

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1. Define your brand.

Before you start sharing, writing, creating and posting, you need to get clear on what your actual brand is. "It's me" isn't enough. Who are YOU? Here's a rapid crash course on how you can do this in 3 easy steps:

  • What makes you unique? Is it your professionalism? Your drive? Your humour?
  • What does your brand look like? Is it relaxed? Is it extremely sharp? Is it energetic?
  • Who are you customers? Are they families? Investors? First home owners?

Once you've thought about these questions, you will have a tangible idea on who you are, and what you represent.


2. Clean up your social media.

Depending on your social media history this might take a while (hey - I'm not judging!). You need to go through your accounts and delete anything potentially offensive, inappropriate or particularly unprofessional. And no - we aren't making you a boring workaholic who doesn't know how to have fun - we're just taking out some of the unnecessary stuff. Also Google your name to see what comes up - and act accordingly!

You should also go and claim all the account names that are available. Try your best to keep them consistent: for example my name on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Medium is all @mitchills. It makes it easier for people to find you and recognise you.  


3. Get a personal website.

You are creating a personal brand to gain respect, visibility, and to achieve expert status. Being an expert is all about adding value and perceived value. For people to recognise you as an industry leader, you need to have a strong online presence, and a personal website shows that you are professional enough to invest in your own brand. It's also a terrific way for you to rank highly in search engines when somebody searches your name, and you'll be able to use it for years.

It doesn't have to be complex, and it's not hard to do. You can get one here for a great price and in record time.


4. Put out content.

Once you've defined your brand, set up your social media and your website, it's time to put out content. This can be in a variety of forms, whether it's blog articles (through your website), videos with snippets of advice, general tips, stories about clients, photos of listings and more. Whilst you can put out a range of things, it's important to add value and educate your audience.  This is not about bragging. This is allowing your audience to view you as an expert that knows what they're doing!


5. Talk about success stories.

Before people buy something, they like to see that other people have done it before, and that it will work for them. This is called social proof. It's incredibly effective to showcase your past work in order to get new ones, although be warned: shamelessly blowing your own trumpet does NOT work. Nobody likes people that rave about themselves, so instead of hitting them with stats or bragging rights, tell stories. People love stories. Talk about where your client was, how you helped, and where they are now. This is much more effective, and it connects to the reader's emotions. People buy with their emotions, and justify with logic. Read that again - and act accordingly!


Position yourself as an expert and massively grow your brand.

If you REALLY want to step up your game, get more clients and stand out from the sea of competition, take it to the next level and check out our Social Media for Real Estate program. We live in the technology and information economy. If done correctly, you can quickly create a personal brand and establish expert status in a time that used to take years. If you want to advance your career and set yourself up for success, click below..