Basic SEO Musts for Any Website


Let's get found y'all! SEO is important if you want to get your business discovered, and Google is smarter than you think... There are a stack of things that it measures when looking at your site, although there are a few key things that you must do to make sure you rank highly. Let's take a look!

Use Keywords in Your Copy

So first of all... what are you trying to rank for in Google? Are you a local hairdresser? Are you a real estate agent? Are you selling Justin Timberlake's half eaten piece of french toast? (Just kidding - although this actually happened, and somebody sold the toast for $3,154 on eBay).... ANYWAY!  

Make sure those keywords are included all over your site: in the site description, in the headings, in the body text - all over the place! If you’re blogging (which is AWESOME for SEO), include the heading of the blog in the paragraphs and use as many relevant keywords as possible.

Name Your Pages Correctly

There's a difference between the navigation title and the page title. For example, the button on your physical page might say 'Home', but you can change its description to the name of your business, which will affect how people see it in search engines. So instead of having ‘Home’, have your site title (e.g. Mastered Marketing). Not only does it look better - it helps you rank higher!

Have Page Descriptions.

 Ever searched for a website and seen some whacky technical wording, or an incredibly exciting "A description for this result is not available because of this site's robots.txt" It’s because they didn’t add a description or they've got some unorganised backend problems. Boring much?

You have the option to give each of your pages a description. Take advantage! Have a description for all of them, as it helps tell Google what that page is about, and at times it will also show up in a search. Search from an incognito or private window to see how other people are seeing your site, it will take 5 seconds and might be the best thing you do!

Create Regular Content

One of the best things you can do for your site is have regular content. Blogging is a great way to do this, especially when they are articles relevant to your business that adds value to your audience. Every website should have a blog, and whilst blogging alone won't automatically make your rank at the top, it's definitely a BIG help. Check out Blogging for Beginners: 8 Easy Steps to Writing Epic Content.

High Quality and RELEVANT Content

The content on your site needs to be high quality (as it should be!) that brings value to your visitors, and it must also be relevant. You might have a high quality article, but if it’s for something completely unrelated to your website, it won’t rank well. To be honest I've no idea why you would do this, but it happens! Make sure the content (in all forms) is talking about what your business and industry does.

Have Unique Copy

What did your teachers tell you in high school... don't copy other people's work! You must have unique text in both your blog and your pages. Never copy paste anything unoriginal, if Google notices that you have the same content as someone else, you're in trouble and it will treat you like the teacher who failed you because you cheated... No copying!

Have Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the BEST ways to rank higher. This is when another site is linking to your page. The better that website, the better it is for you! Now, it is very important to understand it’s about quality over quantity. Never try to get bulk links by getting featured on loads of random websites... Google isn't silly - it will punish you!

Try to get linked to something relevant as well. Let’s say you are a real estate agent and you did a guest post for a property website, or you are mentioned in one of their articles. They are talking about investing and then they mention / link back to you. This is very good. What is not good, is being mentioned on an irrelevant site, or being mentioned somewhere out of context like a website footer on random pages.

So how can you get more links? This is where guest blogging is great, helping people out and adding value where you can as long as they reference your page. If you have clients, you can have a portfolio section that links back to all of their work or profiles. You can also try to team up with other people in your space and appear on their ‘Partners’ section or the like. Build up those links!

Set Up Your Site With Google Webmaster Tools

This will help Google find your website. It's pretty easy to set up, just visit the Google Webmasters page here. Simply add in your website, verify it and make the recommended adjustments. You want to click on 'Crawl' and click 'Fetch as Google' as well. Google will send your recommendations on what you can do to improve visibility - for free!

Get Your Own Website Built For a Great Price

This might sound great, but it does take time! At Mastered Marketing we build beautiful websites and give you top notch service without charging you a limb like most agencies. Get a great site and a winning online strategy by working with us. If you're even half as happy as the rest of our clients, you're going to be very, very impressed. So get in touch for a free consult and we would love to chat!

 . . .

If you do all of these things, you radically increase your chances of ranking highly in search engines. Now it's time to make it happen! Don't forget you can get a free consult with our team who is waiting for hear from you. Start growing your company today!