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Facebook marketing for small business

7 Costly Mistakes That Small Businesses Make on Facebook

Facebook is the big daddy of social media, and in our opinion the best marketing platform for any business, especially for small businesses. It offers

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Want More Passionate Customers? Here’s 4 Inspiring Stories You Can Tell about Your Business

Ever since our existence, people have loved stories. They are engaging, captivating and interesting. Most importantly, they bring your brand to life, and they tell a message that people actually want to listen to. People buy more products and services when they feel connected to the story behind what they are buying, so here are four different stories you can tell about your business to convert more customers!


Hamish & Andy “Real Estate Flyers & Brochures Are Junk Mail”

I can’t get enough of Hamish and Andy – I’m a huge fan. I became an even bigger fan when they were talking about real estate agents on their show last week, and they hit the nail on the head with something I am a big believer in: letterbox drops are junk mail.


10 Inspirational Brands Killing it on Instagram

Instagram is EASILY one of my favourite platforms and every business should be on it. With such a beautiful interface combined with millions of users and great discovery tools, it’s a no brainer. Here are 10 brands that are taking advantage of it and making their social profile POP!


Kickass Ways to Use Social Media for Real Estate

Marketing is all about attention, and social media is where it’s at with 1 in 4 people IN THE WORLD using it! EVERY agent should be on social media – so in this article I’m going to give some practical examples of how real estate agents can leverage it!


5 Fast Ways Real Estate Agents Can Build Their Brand to Get More Clients

We now live in a highly connected world, and having a strong personal brand is now more important and more effective than ever. Here’s how real estate agents can leverage social media and online tools to massively grow their brand and get more clients!

Notepad, Blogging, Blogger

Blogging for Beginners: 8 Easy Steps to Putting Out Epic Content

Blogging is a timeless marketing method that should be a part of EVERYBODY’s strategy. It’s fantastic, but it can be intimidating if you’ve never done it before. In this article you’re going to learn how to put out awesome content in 8 easy steps!

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6 Free Social Media Tips for Restaurant Owners

EVERY business should have a social strategy to leverage the amazing opportunity to reach customers at low cost. Here are some practical examples of how restaurant owners can make the most of it!

TED Talk, Marketing Talk

Five TEDx Marketing Talks To Help Grow Your Business

TEDx Talks are all about discussing ideas worth spreading, and in these marketing talks we get to learn from the best. Here are some thought-provoking talks that will offer some insight into what you can add to your business. Enjoy!

Instagram Stories

Instagram Introduces Snapchatty “Stories” Feature

Look out Snapchat! Over the next few weeks, Instagram will roll out it’s new ‘Stories’ feature. A large announcement in tech and social media that raises a few eyebrows, let’s take a look at what’s happening.