Facebook Marketing

The Ultimate Lead Generation Package.

Doing Facebook right is confusing. Luckily for you, this is our area of expertise! If you want
serious results from your social media marketing, then our Facebook marketing package is for
you. This is some of the best Facebook marketing available in the world, with practices taught by
the best in the business. Get in touch today to discuss your project and what we can do for you.

The Process

What do we actually do?

1. Setup

  • In-depth market research to develop campaign
  • Creating customer avatars and detailed targeting
  • Developing the offer and funnel strategy
  • Creating multiple advertising angles and strategies
  • Defining KPIs and budgets for the campaigns
  • Full funnel setup and asset creation
  • Landing pages created + copywriting.
  • Marketing email automation

2. Delivery

  • Creating ads and setting up split testing
  • Installing all relevant tracking systems & pixels
  • Creating campaign structure and reporting in Facebook
  • Strategy outlined and explained before launch
  • Approval from client on keywords, ad copy and landing pages
  • Testing to make sure everything works and is tracking fine
  • Go live!

3. Optimisation & Management

  • Initial testing and optimisation to get campaign within KPIs
  • Full weekly reporting, accurately measuring every KPI.
  • Ongoing management to improve campaign.

4. Massive Results

This is state of the art Facebook marketing. From start to finish and front to back, your campaign will be built on top shelf training from some of the world’s leading Facebook marketers.