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Personal branding mistakes

Personal Branding: 8 Expensive Mistakes To Avoid!

When you develop a strong presence as an expert and a leader in your field, people will WANT to work with you. People are slowly starting to catch on with personal branding, but unfortunately a lot of them are doing it wrong – and it’s costing them. Here’s 8 things you DON’T want to do when you are branding yourself!


Hamish & Andy “Real Estate Flyers & Brochures Are Junk Mail”

I can’t get enough of Hamish and Andy – I’m a huge fan. I became an even bigger fan when they were talking about real estate agents on their show last week, and they hit the nail on the head with something I am a big believer in: letterbox drops are junk mail.


Kickass Ways to Use Social Media for Real Estate

Marketing is all about attention, and social media is where it’s at with 1 in 4 people IN THE WORLD using it! EVERY agent should be on social media – so in this article I’m going to give some practical examples of how real estate agents can leverage it!


5 Fast Ways Real Estate Agents Can Build Their Brand to Get More Clients

We now live in a highly connected world, and having a strong personal brand is now more important and more effective than ever. Here’s how real estate agents can leverage social media and online tools to massively grow their brand and get more clients!